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In here, other than the natural remedies and tips, I will also try to explain some of the topics which come under the Medical aesthetics. Medical aesthetics is the practice by which the procedures carried out are of a nature that they can only be carried out by a medical practitioner. By definition this means that the procedures carried out might be invasive but the results more dramatic than conventional treatments.

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Yvonne Lee
The Author Endorsed By Most Doctors Worldwide
As Featured In 'Singapore Book of Records'

A glimpse of some kind words we received from Medical Doctors, Professors, Medical Consultants around the world, including USA, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Mexico, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Belgium, New Zealand, Taiwan, Morocco, Singapore, Canada, South Africa, India, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Israeland more:

I will definitely recommend it to my patients. Your extensive research on the subject will really help any woman. Thanks Yvonne!
                                           Cynthia M. Goodman, M.D.
                                 Chief of Plastic Surgery Division
                                                 Marin General Hospital
                             1240 South Eliseo Drive Suite 201
                                                   Greenbrae, CA 94904
                                                                   United States

This is a well researched book, it gives a wealth of information and a realistic view on the expectations of each method. I love it!

                                 Dr Jane Lim, Senior Consultant
            Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
                National University Hospital of Singapore

This is a treasure trove of information and these range from traditional herbal remedies to well proven surgical techniques to more avante garde techniques such as hypnotism. Reading this book was fun!

                                                           Dr. Woffles TL Wu
                                               Camden Medical Centre


Congratulations on an excellent book which succeeds in giving a global and comprehensive perspective on an issue which I feel will have crossed the minds of many women at one time or other. I believe your book will serve as an invaluable and impartial one stop resource center.

                                                               Dr. Leslie Kuek
          Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
                     Gleneagles Medical Center, Singapore

I congratulate you for your wonderful, detailed and extremely educational effort made available to ladies who desire to look attractive. It is so comprehensive that after reading your book they will not require to acquire any further information. Desiring to be beautiful and attractive is every lady's dream and your book would easily prompt them to make this challenging decision more readily and decisively. I wish you great success in your educational endeavors.


                                                 Dr. Yeap choong Lieng
                                 Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre

I was awed by the thoroughness of your treatment of the subject. It is going to be a reference material for not only the millions of shy women who cannot venture forth to sufficiently inform themselves otherwise, but also for all the young surgeons as well who need to be as informed. You have done a great job!

                                                            Dr. Rakesh Kalra
                                         Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon
                                                 ASHIRWAD HOSPITAL
                                                       1 Ashirwad Enclave
                                             Dehradun 248006 INDIA

I have read your book online and was amazed to note the details you have provided. More than a book it is a portal. All aspects have been covered in simple and understandable manner. It would even benefit doctors and family or general physicians. All the very best.

                                                                    Dr. VD Singh
                                          Consultant Plastic Surgeon
                                                          Chandigarh, India

Having been a plastic surgeon for over 28 years it was particularly rewarding to read your very informative & well crafted. You certainly clarify issues regarding medical concerns in a non emotional and objective discussion. I wish you every success with your book and will certainly be recommending it to my patients.


                                     Professor Gerard W Sormann
                                       Centre of Cosmetic & Plastic
                                                     Melbourne, Australia


Many thanks for inviting me to review your book. I found it to be highly educational and very thorough indeed. I am certain it will be an asset to anyone considering the surgery.

                                 Dr Paul J Skoll, Plastic Surgeon
                       Suite 301, Christiaan Barnard Annexe
                           162 Longmarket Street, Cape Town
                                                         8001, South Africa

This is a well written and comprehensively researched book. It is not only informative for the women that it is written for but also easy to read and impartial in its presentation. I found it easy and most enjoyable to read. I feel that it will be a success, good luck.

                                                                    Dr. Ali Juma
     Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
                       Honorary Lecturer Medical Education
                                          University of Liverpool, UK


Thank you for letting me see your book. It certainly is a most comprehensive piece of work and covers even more ground than I do in a consultation.

                                                           Dr Timothy Burge
                                          Consultant Plastic Surgeon
                       The Bristol Nuffield at the Chesterfield
                                          3 Clifton Hill, Clifton, Bristol
                                            BS8 1BP, United Kingdom

This book is valuable and comprehensive for women, it's easy to read for non-medical people. The contents cover useful information of surgical, non-surgical, and alternative methods. I will not hesitate to recommend my patients to read this book before making decision.

                                             Dr. Kamol Pansritum, MD
                          Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
                                         Cosmetic Surgeon In Chief
                                      MtF Aesthetic Surgery Center
                                                        Bangkok, Thailand


It is very wonderful book which educate the patient to be very careful to decide to have the surgery. To know the risks and how to avoid the complications and the side effects. I think the patients who decide to have surgery should read.

                                               Preecha Tiewtranon, MD
                                Preecha Aesthetic Institute. (PAI)
                                                BNH Hospital, Thailand

It is great pleasure to review your very informative and comprehensive research. I would like to congratulate you on your tremendous effort collecting all essential data which I think is very inclusive and useful. I would like to encourage patients who are making decision to review it.

                                 Prayuth Chokrungvaranont, M.D.
                                                       Associate Professor.
             Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
         Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University
                                                         Bangkok, Thailand

Yvonne has done an amazing job of collecting and researching the immense amount of methods. You will save countless hours, dollars and frustration if you read her book first. This is a goldmine of information and it is fun to read! EVERY woman needs to read this especially before she sets foot in a doctors office. Thank you Yvonne for enlightening a world of women!

                                                        Wendi Friesen CHT
                                                 Clinical Hypnotherapist
                               1101 Investment Boulevard #175
                      El Dorado Hills, California USA 95762

It gives a clearly written comprehensive overview on current possibilities including problems. To work together with a well informed patient definitively is a great advantage for the plastic surgeon, and I will recommend the book to all patients.

                                                         G. Bjorn Stark, M.D.
                                               Professor and Chairman
                                     Department of Plastic Surgery
                        University of Freiburg Medical Centre
                                       D-79106 Freiburg, Germany

I found your book very important and very helpful to all women.

                                                Jos Carlos Parreira, MD
              Head of the Department of Plastic Surgery
                                                Hospital Garcia de Orta
                                                            Lisbon, Portugal

What you did is just fantastic. It's the first time I see such a wonderful guideline for patients. They are many points I've learned from your book and I will strongly recommend to my patients to read it. Congratulations.

                                        Abdennasser LAHLALI, MD
                                    Board certified plastic surgeon
                                                            Tangier, Morocco


I am really impressed when I read your book. The first priority for me is to congratulate you for your time spent on collecting all those useful information. I do believe every woman who reads this book will be extremely confident to decide about the procedure and choose the most suitable technique that appeals to her without hesitations or fears. Congratulations Yvonne! You did a perfect job writing this book useful for any woman and also a useful guide for everyone.

                                          Nodas Kapositas M.D, PhD
                                                              Plastic Surgeon
                                                               Athens, Greece

This is one of the most comprehensive sources of. As a surgeon, I have reviewed with most interest the chapters on surgical methods and found them an excellent example of patient information material.

                                                             Juan del Rio, MD
                                             La Moraleja (Alcobendas)
                                                                  Madrid, Spain


In an era of aggressive television and media chatter on cosmetic surgery issues, it is about time a non-professional public should have access to realistic and ethically sound information. The wealth of information is impressive, and the underlying research accurate and complete. I especially enjoyed perusing the part of the book dealing on non-invasive or alternative techniques, while I must admit that the part on surgery is good reading even for a plastic surgeon in training. I surely hope that a translation will be at some time available for the Italian public. Congratulations for doing an excellent job.

                                                               Enrico Robotti, MD
                                                      Chief of Plastic Surgery
                                             Ospedali Riuniti di Bergamo
                                                                    Largo Barozzi 1
                                                         24128 Bergamo, Italy

I have been a Plastic Surgeon for the last 26 years and professor of the Specialty for 20 years, I found your book very interesting, well documented and a good guide for patients.

                                 GARCA-VELASCO Manuel, MD
                                                Huixquilucan, MEXICO

Being a plastic surgeon, many non-surgery chapters are of great interest for me and for my patients. Congratulations.

                                                                    Paul Wylock
                                Chief of Plastic Surgery Division
                                                        Academic Hospital
                             Free University Brussels, Belgium

I enjoyed reading your book. It is a most thorough coverage of surgical and non-surgical techniques. It is most important that women think carefully before undergoing treatment, and a crucial aspect of this is consideration of information. Your book will be most helpful in disseminating information.

                                   Cary Mellow, MB ChB FRACS
                                                          Clinical Lecturer
                                                University of Auckland
                                             Auckland, New Zealand

I read most parts of your book and found it very complete as information for woman. Especially the surgical part and the questions to the doctor before an operation are very useful. It was interesting to read the many other options. The question is if they work or not.


                                                                Dr. Jan G. Poll
                                                    Plastic Surgery Clinic
                                                 St. Gallen, Switzerland


You wrote the best book I've ever read about the topic. It includes a lot of important information for patients, doctors and nurses. Congratulations!


                                                 GRILLO Marcos A., MD
                                         Clinica de Cirurgia Plastica  
                                             Curitiba, Parana, BRAZIL

You have done a great job researching the big amount of methods. It's about time someone write an interesting book showing all the different options. I will use it in my office waiting room. Your book is a great instrument to educate my patients about the risks and complications. I enjoyed reading it and I'll talk about it with my patients after surgery. Was very interesting to see a complete explanation of the surgical process from start to finish including preoperative and postoperative care. Thank you.

                                       Dr. Ramon Cuenca-Guerra
                                           Professor and Chairman
                        Plastic and Reconstructive Division
                                            National Medical Center
                                                     Mexico City, Mexico


Your book is a fantastic gift for woman. You bring all answers to all questions with truth and very professional and scientific explanations. It is a huge work with gorgeous result. You present very well good results and side effects on short and long time. Any woman desiring this surgery should read it before and keep it after. You should translate it in all languages.


                     Dr Bernard Cornette de Saint Cyr, MD

After reading your book, I see that it will really be a very important guide for our patients. Clinical and surgical specific concepts of easy understanding are placed on it. It will be useful for plastic surgeons and specially for all women who need to learn more about procedures that will be performed. Yvonne, congratulations on this great masterpiece!


                                                   Patricia J. Erazo, M.D.
                                       Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon
                                              Santos, So Paulo, Brazil

Your book should be considered an international GUIDE for Women from all over the world. It provides thorough, multi-faceted and spherical information on the subject, while maintaining an objective view. We would love to have it in our aesthetic clinics and medical spas in Greece. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review your book.

                                Dr. Spyro V. Joannides, F.R.C.S.
                                                             Plastic Surgeon
                                          Medical Director, "Morphe"
               Plastic Surgery Clinics and Medical Spas

Thank you very much for the privilege of reviewing your book. It will be helpful to many women. The message is very clear, very easy and realistic. Congratulations.


                                                            Dr. Jos Saraiva
                              Plastic Surgeon, Clinica Saraiva
                              al Lucas Nogueira Garca, Brazil

I think that this is a very complete book for any patient that requires this information. I think it has been written in such a manner that could be clear for patients and that can let them know more about the alternatives for choosing a procedure. I think that it would be great to translate this book to spanish to be avaiable for latin america speaking people so it would have more utility in my country. congratulation for your dream.


                                        Claudia Gutirrez Gmez MD
                              Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
                                      Hospital Medica Sur, Mexico

I am sure that your book is a need for many women, and that it will be very successful. Wishing you the greatest success.


                                      Dr Michel E. Pfulg, MD, FMH
                                     LACLINIC, Montreux-Territet


I concluded that your book will be part of medical books about the subject. It contains a lot of information that doctors don't know, but that are very important to all of us, both doctors and patients. Your research is complete, very clear and easy to read and to understand. Congratulations.


                                                          Samy Passy, MD,
                                 Clinca de Ciruga Plstica Passy,
                                                  Ro de Janeiro, Brazil

Thank you for letting me see your book. It is one of the spellbound modusvivendi to woman dreams. So I strongly recommend read this book before the operation as well as after the operation.

                                  Jin Wang Kim MD, PhD, ABLS
              Professor of Hallym University College of
      Medicine and Chairman of University Hospital
                                   Department of Plastic Surgery

"This is an important scientific publication that displays an extensive research on different aspects of the topic. Patients and medical staff will certainly enhance their knowledge and skills after reviewing such highly educational material, on many different possibilities of surgical and non-surgical approaches. I strongly recommend this book to the patients, in addition to medical consultation, as an invaluable part of their decision making process".

                             Flvio Henrique Mendes, MD, PhD,
                                    Rua Cludio Manoel da Costa,
                                                      65, Lins - SP Brazil

I want to thank you for letting me see your book. You have done a wonderful job putting so much information together. I would advice you to translate the book in different languages especially in spanish since there are millions of people speaking that language. The spanish people have much interest in the topic and many times the information obtained by TV shows are manipulated in own interest of the speaker. Congratulations. If you have interest publishing the book in Spain I could contact some editorial to translate the book in spanish. People will appreciate your effort to give a clear and real information.


                                                              Ramn Riu MD
                                  Instituto Universitario Dexeus
                                                         Barcelona Spain

The author is to be complimented for organizing her knowledgeable. Has been plastic surgeon practicing for 25 years. I'd recommend the entire candidate to read this comprehensive masterpiece.

                                                       Shiuh-Yen Lu MD
                  Associate Professor in Plastic Surgery
                                          Taipei Medical University

It is a very useful and informative book. I have never read a book covering such a wide range of the topic. Your book covers not only surgical methods, but also non-surgical methods. The methods you suggested in the book are quite new information for us, Japanese plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons. I would love to recommend your book to Japanese plastic and cosmetic surgeons and medical staff. I wonder if you can make its Japanese version for Japanese people. If there is anything I can do, I will help you.
Yukio Shirakabe, MD
                                                    Sapho Clinic, Japan

This new publication is a comprehensive text, that includes all aspects of the topic. After 20 years in the field of Plastic Surgery, the limits of patient evaluation, Informed Consent and instructions are well known for me. This book is an assistance and guideline for all women facing this important and life changing decision. I will recommend it to my patients and wish you every success with this book.

                                         Hans Wolfgang Hoerl, M.D.
                                      Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon
                                                         Munich, Germany

Thank you for giving me the opportunity of reading your book. Congratulations on researching the topic extremely well! Your book is very thorough and describes all the options available to patients, thereby leaving most of the questions that patients ask, answered in full. I think your book is extremely helpful and is a MUST read for anybody contemplating the surgery.

                                              Quintin R. Son-Hing MD
                                                     Vancouver, Canada

It's a complete publication that brings us different and, sometimes, curious aspects and options regarding the topic. The information is the best tool towards patient satisfaction. Congratulations Yvonne on your great job and fascinating publication!
             Alberto Goldman, MD
                              President of the Brazilian Society for
           Laser in Medicine and Surgery - South Region

This is a useful book. A really good job!

                                           Prof. Michele Pascone, MD
             Head and Director of Department of Plastic
                                        and Reconstructive Surgery
                    University of Trieste, Cattinara Hospital
                                                               TRIESTE, Italy

I would like to congratulate the author by your useful book. This is well written, highly comprehensive and very informative guide. The Topic is particularly complete, which gives a global perspective on that subject, in a simple and understandable way. Very well done!

                                            Fausto Viterbo PhD, M.D.,
                              Clnica de Cirurgia Plstica, Brazil

It is great pleasure for me to review your very interesting and comprehensive guide to. Congratulation, I was very impressed by the amount of information and by the research done. The book covers both surgical and non surgical. I believe your book will really help any woman before making decision for the surgery. Thank you for your educational contribution.

             Lukas Prantl, M.D. Diplomate of EBOPRAS
         Director of the Department of Plastic Surgery
                                           University of Regensburg

In my opinion is the the most comprehensive guide for women contemplating about the topic. It is a goldmine of information and gives the women the basic knowledge before consulting their plastic surgeons.

                                                       Stephan Dietz, MD
                                                           Plastic Surgeon
                            Hospital and Clinic of Plastic and
                                                        Aesthetic Surgery
                                                         Helsinki, Finland


I read your book and thought that it is the best book that was written till now about the topic. The book is very clear and understandable for every women and man.

                                                              Eldad V. Moor M.D.
                                           Plastic and Aesthtic Surgeon
                                                       Brodeski street, Israel

Your book is a refreshing, light, yet highly comprehensive guide. I found the book to be well organized, insightful and, remarkably adept at unraveling many of the 'misconceptions' regarding the topic. After reading your book, any woman contemplating the surgery will feel thoroughly educated, enlightened and exceedingly well-informed. Kudos to you for this delightful masterpiece.


                                      Louis DeLuca, M.D., F.A.C.S.
                           1905 Clint Moore Road, Suite 303
                                                Boca Raton, FL 33496

A publication such as this, which educates patients, is a valuable resource. The sections on the topic are particularly complete, and cover the questions and issues that I discuss with my own patients. I would recommend this publication to any woman who may be considering the surgery.

                                                 Andres Taleisnik, M.D.
                     1140 West La Veta Avenue, Suite 860
                                                       Orange, CA 92868

I have read your manuscript. I am impressed by the amount of useful information that a prospective patient can find in your book. The book is well written and will prove to be a valuable patient resource for individuals considering the topic. Great work!

                                                    Jay M. Pensler, M.D.
    Clinical Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery
                           Northwestern University Feinberg
                                                     School of Medicine
               680 North Lake Shore Drive, Suite 1125
                                                      Chicago, IL 60611

I think it is very important for women to get as much information (both good and bad) possible before deciding whether the surgery is the right choice for them. This book goes a long way towards that goal. Thank you.

                                 Randy J. Buckspan, MD FACS
                                             1607 MLK St. N, Suite B
                                  St. Petersburg, Florida 33704

I read your book and I was very impressed by your research about the topic. I may use your book to educate some of my patients about the risks and complications. The other part concerning the holistic approach was very interesting to me and I enjoyed reading it.

                                    Farhad Rafizadeh MD FACS
                                     101 Madison Ave Suite 105
                                                 Morristown NJ 07960

With all of the reality shows on television today, it is refreshing to see a thorough and complete explanation of the surgical process from start to finish including preoperative and postoperative care. In addition, your detailed discussions of surgical expectations and risks is imperative for any patient to understand. I will consider keeping copies of your book in my office to show to patients contemplating the topic.

                                     Scot Bradley Glasberg, M.D.
                                  Board Certified Cosmetic and
                                Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
                                                  42A East 74th Street
                                                  New York, NY 10021

This may be the most comprehensive and complete list of information for potential patient. Congratulation on a masterful large work.

                                                     Dr Robert A. Ersek
                                     Austin, Texas United States

Your book, I augur, will prove most successful, not just in the market of the general public, but hopefully also among members of the medical profession as we can learn of ways to offer improved explanations to our clientele.

                                                Mario Trelles, MD.PhD.
                                       Instituto Medico Vilafortuny
                                                          Cambrils, Spain

This manual is very detailed and organized in a fashion that is easy to read. A patient considering the surgery will certainly benefit from reading this book. A better educated patient is always a good thing and knowledge is power.

                                                              Sam M Sukkar, MD
                                          The Clinic For Plastic Surgery
                                 6243 Fairmont Parkway, Suite 204
                                                      Houston, Texas 77505

Your section on surgical correction, implants, local complications and long term follow are very good and should be knowledge that all patients wanting the surgery should be told and informed about.
                                                          A/Prof Tan Kok Chai
                                           Clinical Associate Professor
                                        Chairman, Division Of Surgery
                                 Singapore General Hospital, SGH

It is with great pleasure that I reviewed Yvonne's newest book. There is a tremendous amount of information available online regarding the topic and most of it is confusing. Yvonne has done an excellent job of organizing this information and explaining it for the women seeking this knowledge. I think this book is going to help thousands of women.

                                                           Mike E. Gonce, M.D.
                                   Gonce Cosmetic Surgery Center
                                                 3333 NW 63rd, Suite 210
                                                Oklahoma City, OK 73116

I find your publication to be a very informative and useful tool in the decision making process for the topic.
                                                    Stephen A. Brown, M.D.
                                  1000 Asylum Avenue, Suite 2105
                                          Hartford, Connecticut 06105
It was a pleasure to review this book and I encourage prospective patients to review it.

    Darrick E. Antell, MD, FACS
                                                               850 Park Avenue
                                             New York, New York 10021

The thoroughness of this book might give some the impression of information overload or of negativity. I would counter that it simply has its feet on the solid ground of well balanced fact and evidence. Moreover it is a counterbalance to the over embellished accounts of surgery in the media that surrounds us. In short it is realistic and has sound ethical integrity. More complete information can only lead to better outcomes. The reader is also guided to ask the questions necessary to select, indeed challenge, the surgeon for them. For ultimately, even with all the information, the quality of the result will depend on the surgeon technical ability and experience. I wish this publication every success.

                                                                   Dr Nigel Carver
                                             Consultant Plastic Surgeon
                                                 PPS Health, London, UK

Thank you for the opportunity to review your book. I found the book to comprehensively cover all aspects of the topic, both surgical and non surgical, conventional and other and I would highly recommend this book to any woman. Well done. It was a pleasure to review this book and I encourage prospective patients to review it.

                                                                  Dr. Dirk Lazarus
                                                                  Plastic Surgeon
       Christian Barnard Memorial Hospital Chambers
                                                 Cape Town, South Africa

Thank you for inviting me to read the online preview of your book. I am impressed by the amount of research done and information available. Whilst obviously there is an American slant to the information, I shall encourage my patients to read the book. Thank you again for the helpful information available to my patients.

                                                            Dr Le Roux Fourie
                                           Consultant Plastic Surgeon
                                                      Methley Park Hospital
                                  West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Thank you for letting me see your book. You have done a great job to give information and realistic view of each method. It is a well crafted book and i can highly recommend it to women, who want information about the topic.
      Erichsen Bonnie, MD
                                              Charlottenlund, DENMARK

This is a nicely written book. It gives women a comprehensive review of information, myths and "de-myths" on existing information in books, internet and television.

                                                  Dr Pang Chi Wang Peter
                                                                          Hong Kong

Such a publication is a very comprehensive book for any woman considering the topic. This book is very detailed and organized in a fashion that is easy to read. Most of the covered questions and issues are those that I discuss with my own patients. I would recommend this publication to any woman who may be considering the surgery.

                                                       Ercan Karacaoglu, MD
                                                                   Istanbul, Turkey

Thank you for asking me to review this fascinating book which journeys into all things related to the topic!

                                                                Dr Matt Erdmann
                                             Consultant Plastic Surgeon
                                                              Durham, England

I look forward to learning what you like about my latest book, but I also welcome any suggestions or criticisms you have. Thank you so much for your time.